The dullest man in history

The dullest man in history Image result for trump

Dances on his stage to a one-note tune.

A Hitler caricature, a diapered balloon.

As his plastic mannequin trails behind.

She pulls her hand and falls into line.

Image result for trump

He lies; he cheats, he defies the law

A fading psychopath lurks near his Wall

He tweets out his insults and refuses the blame.

The same, the same, the childish, and inane

Image result for trump

“Fake” and ‘failing,” and “Hillary,” and “liddle.”

He’s a comic book Jester, a juvenile riddle.

Now fewer enablers remain amused.

Image result for trump

Too much transpired; too much excused.

Aside from a life of golfing and whoring

He simply has become too damn boring.
Image result for trump

Wake me when he’s done.

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