Trump fires yet another National Security Advisor

Donald J. Trump fired his 3rd National Security advisor after ignoring their recommendations and relying on his gut, which repeatedly has failed America.

His gut secretly scheduled, then canceled, peace talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan. His gut entered into a costly, no-win trade war with China

His gut ended the successful compact with Iran, and now Iran is making nukes. His gut has engaged in his pitiful, almost laughable attempts to persuade North Korea to give up their nukes

And his gut told him that his coddling of Russia’s Putin, and encouraging interference in America’s democratic elections would help him obtain funds for a Trump Tower, Moscow.

This doesn’t even include his angering of virtually all our remaining allies, with his insufferable criticisms of everyone.

Nor does it include is his taking of billions of dollars from our military to fund his useless wall, which will do nothing to save America from drugs or criminals.

The chaos in his administration grows day by day because his gut has surrounded him with criminals, liars, incompetents, hookers, criminal enterprises, and know-nothing family members, among which are:

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, HUD Secretary Ben Carson, Campaign manager Paul Manafort, Deputy campaign manager Rick Gates, National security adviser Michael Flynn, Personal lawyer Michael Cohen, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Rep. Chris Collins, Rep. Duncan Hunter, mobster Salvatore Testa, mobster Fat Tony Salerno, Roger Stone, Felix Sater, Jeffrey Epstein, Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta, Trump Campaign Foreign Policy Adviser George Papadopoulos, Alex Van der Zwaan, Konstantin Kilimnik, Ralph Shortey, Timothy Nolan, Trump University, Trump Foundation, Stormy Daniels, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Donald Trump, Jr.

Trump could not have failed worse if he had set out to fail.

The question I like to ask my business-owning friends: “What would happen if you hired an ego-driven, crooked, semi-literate, psychopathic fool to run your company?”

That is what is happening to America.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

6 thoughts on “Trump fires yet another National Security Advisor

  1. Lawmakers wait for Trump to weigh in on gun legislation
    By Mike DeBonis and Paul Kane The Washington Post

    WASHINGTON — Congress is stuck in a holding pattern on tougher gun restrictions — after a string of mass shootings killed 53 in August alone — as lawmakers wait for President Donald Trump to decide how he wants to respond.

    Apparently, Hannity and Fox News have not yet told Trump what to do.


  2. As much as I’d like to see any kind of progress with guns, I don’t see anything meaningful happening. As long as there is so much inequity everywhere, there will always be fear, insecurity, frustration and anger taken out on innocent people. Meanwhile, nobody “in charge” has any idea what to do about it. The rich can only hope to remain rich and can care less. They have no systematic solution, except to make sure the system keeps working for them.

    Without someone having the courage to put forth Monetary Soverienty as a way out, or at least a way to tone down the extent of a worsening problem, we will only continue to devolve. Stay tuned for the next mass shooting.


  3. Mean as it is for you all, I did wonder if Trump was God’s gift to the nation, just so there is a mirror everyone can look in and see themselves, His dysfunction is in the GOP and Democrats and the whole Washington establishment. It seems to suit Israel though.


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