I’m puzzled about this. Can you help.

I don’t get this sign. Can you help?

If the picture isn’t clear, it reads: UNIVERSITY OF SOU’HERN CALIFORNIA

What is the purpose of the apostrophe?



Thank you.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

5 thoughts on “I’m puzzled about this. Can you help.

  1. That sign is from the USC Health Sciences campus located a few blocks from the university. The photo appears to be a bit altered, as the sign itself is in reality concave – but the picture shows it as somewhat convex. So it was either edited or processed incorrectly. The “apostrophe” you see is just part of the T that got edited out of the photo when the image was altered.


  2. An apostrophe can just mean to fill in for any missing letters. In this case, “T”. So either it’s supposed to accentuate some peculiar inflection (like they used to do on Subway menus, where you could ask for “all the fixin’s”) or they just didn’t make a big enough sign.


  3. It’s an obviously digitally altered image (poorly done) to remove the “T” from “Southern” then stitch the image back together. What you perceive as an apostrophe, is actually the left hand serif of the “T” that was not removed from the image. The altered image likely has some meaning to the person who created it; what that could be I have no idea. Where did the photo come from?


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