Do you own a gun? Are you innocent?

Your children’s blood

If you own a gun,
you believe you have the Constitutional right to own a gun.
You believe everyone has that right.
So you vote to allow every angry, ignorant, stupid, bigoted, immature, criminal, bullying, mean-spirited, unstable, erratic, volatile, lying, crazed, vindictive, explosive, senseless fool to own a gun
And with your vote, you put guns into the hands of murderers
. . . just so you can own a gun.
Parents, relatives, and friends of the dead,
you who own guns,
spare us your crocodile tears.
You helped murder those children just as if you held the murder weapon
in your own hands.
You insisted on your “rights,” knowing full well this would happen again
and again and again.
But you made excuses. Hunting, protection, training.
Your children’s blood is on your hands.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
Monetary Sovereignty
Twitter: @rodgermitchell; Search #monetarysovereignty
Facebook: Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

Do you own a gun?

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