The fundamental truth about guns


This is the fundamental truth about guns:


Anyone who says

the public can have

easy access to guns

without mass murder

either is a liar

or a fool

or both.


The NRA and the gun manufacturers are both, as are all the politicians who accept money from the NRA and the gun manufacturers, and as are all the people who value their right to own guns more than they value the lives of innocent people. All are liars or fools or both.

And you parents, relatives and friends of the murdered, you who own guns, spare us your crocodile tears. You helped murder your children just as if you held the murder weapon in your own hands.

By insisting on your 2nd Amendment “rights,” you knew full well this would happen again and again and again. Yet you didn’t care.

Your children’s blood is on your hands.


5 thoughts on “The fundamental truth about guns

  1. These Are The Victims Of The Thousand Oaks Shooting

    “They are just kids,” an eyewitness who identified himself as Tim told ABC 7, struggling to hold back sobs. “They’re all young. This shouldn’t have happened to them.”

    According to records maintained by the Gun Violence Archive, this latest tragedy was the 307th mass shooting this year.

    Do the gun manufacturers care? Do the politicians care? Do the gun owners care? Do you care?


  2. All we have ever known is war: Revolutonary and Civil and world wars; CIA instigated, continual wars, aided and abetted by the cozy relationship of the war-loving Pentagon and the needy-greedy private sector.

    Moreover, we glorify war, money and murder, legal or illegal, on TV, at the movies, and in books. Add to that the 1) budget cutting powder keg and ever growing Gap between the rich and the rest; 2) contribution of redundancy eliminating automation to growing unemployment and hopelessness; 3) inability to qualify for good paying jobs; 4) the education system’s short circuiting, short sighted “specialization,” failing a whole picture philosophy and global perspective; 5) unaffordable higher education resulting in a dangerous, roll-of-the-dice dependency on militarism which knowingly exploits all the above.

    In short, activate the Ten Steps to Prosperity which unfortunately threatens the status quo loving, ultra-near-sighted $pecial interest$.


  3. 1. I think i rather be murdered by a gun than a knife especially if it’s a instant kill with a bullet to the head. A knife just seems like it would be more painful.

    2. Just because i think people have the right to own knifes or cars doesn’t make me as guilty as a murderer when someone murders someone else with a knife or a car as has happened all throughout the world, it’s the same with guns.

    3. The biggest problem in this world right now is that it’s run by psychopaths.These psychopaths constantly push bullshit on us in many fields such as, economics, health, history, politics, science, academia, media, etc.They also cause division between people, when you have a country that is not homogeneous the more easy it is to cause division. The psychopaths know that forcing multi culturalism/racialism on a people is a great way to screw with the uniformity and unity of a country. Whether you like it or not your people are like an extended family and wider tribe and in nature the family comes first, it doesn’t mean you don’t care for the stranger, it just means you put your family first the same way parents would put their kids first. In a racially pure and very homogeneous country like Japan you see a lot more uniformity and unity between the people, but the psychopaths still try to divide in different ways.

    4. I love some of the Ideas on your site, but I’m going to have to disagree here.


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