Conversation: The Donald and his mommy

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The following is an accurate, word-for-word representation of a conversation between Donald Trump and his Mommy.

We know it is accurate, because it was recorded by David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, the same two indicted people, who faked a tape about Planned Parenthood selling fetus parts.

Additionally, Carly Fiorina swore she was present when the conversation took place, and Ted Cruz spoke with God about it.

The Donald’s Mommy: How is my brave little soldier, today?

The Donald: Wa wa wa. I’m going to be President of the United States. I’m going to bomb ISIS. I’m going to build a wall between Mexico and the United States.

Mommy: Yes dear, you are so strong and tough. But why are you crying?

Donald: Wa wa wa. And I’m going to force Mexico to pay for the wall. And I’m going to deport all 11 million people who are not citizens.

Mommy: Isn’t that wonderful! But why . . .

Donald: Wa wa wa. And I’m going to keep out all of those nasty Muslims, and, and . . .

Mommy: But what if the Mexicans and Muslims don’t like it?

Donald: Wa wa wa. I’ll call Daddy, and he’ll give me a few hundred million dollars again, and make it all better.

Mommy: So dear, why are you crying?

Donald: It’s that Megyn Kelly. She’s so mean to me. She’s even meaner than Putin. I’m afraid of her.

Mommy: There, there, my brave little soldier. Wipe your tears. You don’t have to talk with her.

Donald: And then there’s that Hillary. She’s even tougher than Megyn. She was questioned for 11 hours by a fake Republican committee pretending to investigate something, and she’s so strong she never cried or complained or anything. So, I’m afraid of her, too.

Mommy: Well, don’t you worry. No one says you have to be strong to be President of the United States. If anyone is mean to you — you know, China, Russia, Iran and the rest of those bullies — you just come home to Mommy.

Donald: And I don’t have to join the military?

Mommy: No, your Daddy will fix that.

Donald: And if my companies go bankrupt?

Mommy: Daddy will give you money.

Donald: And I don’t have to talk with that mean, old Megyn?

Mommy: No, just call her a “bimbo,” send out some tweets, act like a tough guy and stay away from her. That way, she can’t hurt you. Now go outside, play with your toy sword, and pretend to nominate more Scalias and Thomases to the Supreme Court, my dear little future President of the United States.

It all happened, just like that. If you don’t believe in the facts, just ask Senator Snowball. He knows facts.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell
Monetary Sovereignty

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7 thoughts on “Conversation: The Donald and his mommy

  1. Res ipsa loquitur (The thing speaks for itself)

    Donald Trump once scolded GOP candidates for boycotting Iowa debate he was supposed to moderate
    Dylan Stableford, January 27, 2016

    Four years ago, Donald Trump was scheduled to moderate a Republican debate in Iowa, but just two candidates agreed to participate in the Newsmax-hosted event because the then “Celebrity Apprentice” host would not rule out an independent run.

    “We’re not seeing a lot of courage here,” Trump told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly in a 2011 interview. “These Republicans, they’re supposed to be brave.”


    “Megyn Kelly is a lightweight,” Trump said at a press conference in Iowa Tuesday. “Megyn Kelly shouldn’t be at the debate.”

    But in their 2011 interview, Trump heaped praise on Kelly’s moderating skills.

    “I could never beat you. That wouldn’t even be close. That would be no contest,” Trump said. “You have done a great job, by the way. And I mean it.”


  2. Snark instead of Argument and Tutorial now? You actually had a chance to make your case and win at least a dilute convert. I’m done. I’m gone.

    I should’ve known better.


    1. Snark is fun, except for the snarkee. Do you feel snarked?

      You’re gone? Have you gone back to the Donald because of his great ideas?

      Or his truthfulness?

      Or, because he snarks the downtrodden blacks and browns?

      Or because he’s a bigot who claims all the people of one religion are terrorists?

      Or because he wants to send out the brown shirts in jackboots to kick down doors and deport 11 million men, women and children?

      Or, because the Donald is a cowardly “warrior” who snarks brave warriors like John McCain?

      Just curious about where you have gone, and why you want to defend
      a wealthy, unAmerican bully.


      Does this give you any ideas?

      Women Made Up 100% of the U.S. Senate After the Blizzard — Because No One Else Showed Up

      Maybe Mrs. Trump would have more guts and ethics than Donald??


  3. Roger,

    Donald Trump’s campaign for the President of the United States has been an absurdity since he first announced his candidacy over six months ago. Fox Cable News has been an absurdity for over a decade.

    Having said that, even “The Donald” can get one right, now and then. Fox has been unfair to him, along with millions of viewers.

    When Fox sponsored the first, prime-time, national televised, Republican debate, rather than first requesting the candidates introduce themselves and explain why they sought the Office of the President, Fox solicited controversy by inquiring who would pledge to back, by a show of hands, the eventual Republican nominee. This was specifically designed to solicit reaction from Trump. This would be a fair question only if Fox had asked it to the earlier- kiddie table- debate panel. Fox did not.

    After setting the stage, Megyn Kelly frames a carefully crafted question (or was it commentary) that turns into a food fight. You cannot find better reality TV. Maybe, Trump was in on it from the beginning?

    Seriously, is this the format a major news organization chooses to present the candidates to the voting public for the highest elected office in the United States? All empty calories with no substance. Who the hell is Jim Gillmor, anyways, or some of the other lesser knowns, or what is the policy positions of a famous medical doctor? What a disservice to young, new voters or others not politically knowledgeable.

    Does Fox move the process forward or simply contrives a self-serving ratings boost?

    Fox Cable News is an embarrassment to anyone who holds a journalism degree, not that the other new organizations are much better. Perhaps, Sarah Palin style is the new format.


  4. You make a good point, which I believe briefly can be stated as “Unlimited money creation can cause inflation.”

    Quite true. All other things being equal, increasing the Supply of something decreases its Value (Demand / Supply = Value)

    Preventing inflation, while increasing the money supply, requires increasing Demand, and the Fed successfully has increased the Demand for dollars by raising interest rates.

    This act repeatedly has been shown to “strengthen” the dollar, i.e. increase its exchange value, which is one reason the U.S. never has had the dreaded (and oft-predicted) hyper-inflation, in our 240 years of existence.

    This is discussed in several posts on this blog, the most recent of which is Ticking Time Bomb


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