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What do these excerpts from an article in the National Memo tell you?

How Santorum Boxed In Romney
April 11th, 2012, E. J. Dionne

WASHINGTON — Rick Santorum’s departure from the presidential race could not come soon enough for Mitt Romney. In proving himself more tenacious than anyone predicted, Santorum dramatized one of Romney’s major problems, created another, and forced the now inevitable Republican nominee into a strategic dilemma.

Romney performed best among voters with high incomes, and was consistently weaker with the white working class, even in the late primaries where he put Santorum away.

At the same time, Santorum’s strength among evangelical Christians pressured Romney to toughen his positions even as the Republican Party as a whole, at both the state and national levels, has pushed policies on contraception and abortion that have alienated many women, particularly the college educated.

This is Romney’s other problem: Among college-educated white men, Romney had a healthy 57 percent to 39 percent lead over President Obama in the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll. But among college-educated white women, Obama led Romney by 60 percent to 40 percent. This netted to a rather astounding 38-point gender gap.

Thus the box the primaries built for Romney: He must simultaneously court evangelical Christians and working-class voters who have eluded him so far, but also reassure socially moderate women higher up the class ladder who, for now, are providing Obama with decisive margins. It’s not easy to do both.

Henry Olsen, a vice president at the American Enterprise Institute, sees Obama’s echoes of Bill Clinton’s pledges to help those who “work hard and play by the rules” as shrewd politics aimed at rehabilitating his standing with such Americans.

And in Romney, Obama faces a candidate whose “troubles in the primary electorate demonstrated his trouble in connecting with the white working class.” Romney, Olsen says, “has difficulties with his background, difficulties with his manner, some difficulties Obama shares.”

Here’s what I understand: Romney has no core values. His only concern is (and supposedly should be) to win the election by saying whatever is required to deceive voters into believing he will be the President they want.

Pandering to voting blocks is not new — all politicians do it — but I can’t recall any politician having zero true beliefs of his own. Though I felt Rick Santorum was a menace to America, with his drive toward theocracy, I will give him this: He said what he believed and he believed what he said.

Not so for Romney. He is nothing more than an echo chamber. The man is the Zelig of American politics.

Why anyone would believe anything that comes out of his mouth, much less trust him enough to vote for him and want to be led by him, is beyond me. O.K., hate President Obama for whatever real or invented reasons you have. Heaven knows he has been a disappointment to many.

But why elect a leader who has absolutely no moral or strategic compass, no plan for America and no personal beliefs, unless you really don’t care where he’ll take you?

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

No nation can tax itself into prosperity, nor grow without money growth. Monetary Sovereignty: Cutting federal deficits to grow the economy is like applying leeches to cure anemia. Two key equations in economics:
Federal Deficits – Net Imports = Net Private Savings
Gross Domestic Product = Federal Spending + Private Investment and Consumption + Net exports