The debt hawks are to economics as the creationists are to biology.

Here is a quick, overly simplistic prediction about what is likely to happen in the next two years. If you disagree (or even agree), feel free to add your own predictions.

1. The Democrats, fearing the weak economy will cost them the House and Senate, urgently will try to stimulate the economy before November.

2. However, stimulating the economy requires federal spending and/or reduced taxes, both of which add to the federal debt. Republicans, not wanting the economy to recover before the November elections, will object to any increases in the federal debt, falsely claiming it’s “unsustainable” and “our children will pay for it.”

3. Every stimulus plan put forth by the Democrats will be met with the threat of a Senate filibuster, plus objections by the media, the Tea Party and all others who have been hypnotized by the debt hawks.

4. The Democrats, paralyzed with fear about the federal debt, then will talk about increasing federal taxes on the “rich,” so as to be revenue neutral. This will add to the Democrats’ stigma as the “tax and spend party.” Small business owners, the primary economic engine in America, will find themselves defined as “rich,” so will become even more reluctant to hire and invest. Worse, because revenue neutral plans do not add money to the economy, they will not prove to be stimulative.

5. The economy will not recover significantly, and may even regress. The voters and the media will blame the Obama administration for not creating more jobs, but will offer no non-debt solutions, as there are none. Voters, wanting stimulus without deficits (in other words, magic), will vent their frustration on incumbents, giving Republicans enough representation in both Houses to stifle any Democratic initiatives, but not enough representation to advance Republican initiatives. Further, since the Republicans have been vociferous about deficits, they will have left themselves no way to stimulate the economy.

6. Within two years, President Obama will blame the lack of economic growth on Republican recalcitrance, thereby setting the stage for a Democratic comeback in 2012.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

No nation can tax itself into prosperity