The debt hawks are to economics as the creationists are to biology.

The media have made America’s voters insane. Any program designed to stimulate the economy is rejected because it would “add to the debt” (which is the only way to stimulate the economy) or would “be paid for by our grandchildren” (a monstrous lie).

Thus we have the ridiculous situation in which banks are criticized for not lending enough (i.e., for giving the private sector too little debt), while the federal government is criticized for having too much debt. Think, people! Do you really believe the solution to our problems is for the private sector to take on more debt, while the federal government reduces its debts?

On the one hand we have the private borrowers, already overburdened with bad debt, and falling into bankruptcy every day. On the other hand we have the federal government, which can support a debt of any size, and which does not even use tax money to support spending, and which as a monetarily sovereign nation, cannot go bankrupt. Which do you think should take on more debt to stimulate our economy?

It is absolute madness to ask for more private deficit spending and less federal deficit spending. Yet, that is what the media, the politicians and the obsolete economists do.

In the post, Is federal money better than other money, I demonstrated that while reductions in federal debt growth immediately precede recessions, increases in private debt growth also lead to recessions. The media and the politicians, who want more private debt growth and less federal debt growth have it exactly backwards.

Rumor says the Obama administration soon will suggest Fannie and Freddie give “upside down” mortgage holders a break, paid for by the federal government. If true, you will hear a great protest that this will increase the falsely termed “unsustainable” federal debt. The protesters prefer that the private sector bear this debt, which for the private sector, truly is unsustainable.

I’m not sure when it became more “prudent” for the private sector to suffer bankruptcies, than for the federal government to create money, but I pray, for the sake of America, that the media, politicians and sleeping economists come to their senses. This backwards thinking has caused terrible misery, as backwards thinking always does.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

No nation can tax itself into prosperity