An alternative to popular faith

Readers of this blog know the debt hawks have been telling us about the imminent explosion of the “debt bomb” since 1940, seventy (!) years ago. See: Federal debt a ticking time bomb/ and More debt bomb nonsense/.

Year after year, for seventy long years, Henny Penny has predicted the sky was about to fall, then each year has had to say, “Well maybe next year.” How often and how long can one repeat the same wrong prediction and still maintain any credibility?

Here’s the latest:

(CBS)The “Where America Stands” series: WASHINGTON, April 8, 2010; American Debt Threatens Status as World Power; Can America Still be the World’s Greatest Power, as the World’s Greatest Borrower? By Lara Logan
“James Baker, Former U.S. treasury secretary, and U.S. secretary of state. ‘We’re in a real pickle,’ said Baker. ‘We will not be as important on the world scene if we continue to be a tremendously large debtor nation.’ […] I don’t think [America’s decline is] going to happen provided – one big proviso – that we deal with this debt bomb.’”

Although “debt bomb” is a catchy phrase, no one really knows what it means, nor does anyone supply evidence the federal debt is a “bomb.” Use of that phrase is a sure sign the speaker has no idea how today’s economy operates.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell