COVID cases among children soared in September as kids returned to school
September was the country’s worst month for new COVID-19 cases and deaths among children as kids returned to the classroom, federal data shows.

The worrying trend comes as government officials appear poised to approve a vaccination for children under 12 in the coming weeks.


She buried her 10-year-old who died from Covid. Less than 24 hours later, she was combating misinformation at a school board meeting
By Alisha Ebrahimji, CNN, Tue October 12, 2021
On Sunday, Nicole Sperry said her final goodbyes to her 10-year-old daughter, who died from Covid-19. Less than 24 hours later, she was behind a podium combating misinformation from parents at a Virginia school board meeting.

At a Chesapeake Public School District meeting in September, parents and community members denied the existence of the deadly virus and advocated for the removal of the district’s mask mandate, insisting the pandemic is over.

“My message for you and all that are listening is that Covid is not over, no matter what people who have been standing up here have said,” Sperry, who also teaches in the district, said during Monday’s meeting. “On September 27, during the last meeting, there were parents or concerned citizens that voiced misinformation to you.”

“They said that Covid is basically over and that healthy people do not die. When they were sharing this information, their opinions, the fact was, I was sitting next to my healthy daughter’s deathbed. She died five days after showing symptoms. I am sure they were speaking to what they’ve experienced, but they are wrong.”


Pediatricians group warns of COVID-19 spread among children
Doctors who specialize in the care of children say in court documents submitted in a federal court case that the rise of the delta variant and beginning of the school year have dramatically increased the risks children face during the coronavirus pandemic
By DAVID PITT Associated Press
September 29, 2021,
DES MOINES, Iowa — The rise of the delta variant and beginning of the school year have dramatically increased the risks children face during the coronavirus pandemic, a group of pediatricians said in court documents submitted in the federal lawsuit against Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds.

The American Academy of Pediatrics and its Iowa chapter filed a brief Tuesday with the federal court judge who is considering the lawsuit 11 parents of Iowa children and the disability rights group The Arc of Iowa filed last week. It seeks to strike down a Republican-passed measure that Reynolds signed into law in May that prohibits school boards from imposing mask mandates in schools.

The AAP said in the document filed with the court that their review of the research and the experiences of the front-line pediatric practitioners “prove beyond any doubt that universal mask policies in schools significantly reduce the spread of COVID-19 in school populations.” The group said the prevalence of pediatric COVID-19 has skyrocketed since the school year began, with 20% of all child cases since the beginning of the pandemic diagnosed between Aug. 13 and Sept. 16.

“This surge appears to be due to two principal factors: the resumption of in-person schooling (and particularly schooling in places without masks), and the emergence of the delta variant, which is more than twice as contagious as previous variants,” the AAP said in the court document.

The document said more than 5.5 million child COVID-19 cases have been reported in the United States as of Sept. 16, which is more than 15% of total cases in the country. Iowa has reported more than 56,000 child cases, the group said.

The testimonial challenges Reynolds’ longstanding opposition to mask mandates. She has questioned the effectiveness of cloth masks in schools and has suggested they may cause harm, saying parents should decide whether to mask their children.

The AAP said the state’s claims that masks are harmful to respiratory function, to children’s social or language skills, or for children with anxiety lack any scientific basis.

The AAP said more than 3,200 children were hospitalized due to COVID-19 between Aug. 13 and Sept. 16 among 24 states. That data coincides with reporting from Iowa hospitals that more children have been admitted for treatment of COVID-19 in recent weeks. Data released by state public health officials Wednesday indicated cases of COVID-19 in children age 17 and younger made up 24% of new positive virus cases in the state in the past week.


COVID Vaccine For Kids Ages 5 To 11 Is Safe And Effective, Pfizer Says


Anti-Vax Radio Hosts Keep Dying From COVID


Thank goodness we have a Democratic President, so there is at least more intelligence in the White House. The Dumb Trumpers we fired. the rest of the staff is healthier and the patients are safe.

Vaccine mandates stoked fears of labor shortages. But hospitals say they’re working.

At Houston Methodist — one of the first American health-care institutions to require workers to get vaccinated against the coronavirus — the backlash was short-lived.

More than 150 employees were fired. There were legal battles and protests. But President and CEO Marc Boom has no regrets: 98 percent of staff have been vaccinated, and they and patients are safer as a result, he said.

“I can unequivocally say [it was] the best decision we ever made,” Boom said in an interview.

Houston Methodist is not alone in requiring its employees to be vaccinated. About 41 percent of hospitals nationwide — roughly 2,570 facilities — have some sort of vaccine mandate, according to data collected by the American Hospital Association, a trade group.

Others are expected to follow after President Biden announced last month that he would require most health-care facilities that accept Medicaid or Medicare funding — many of which also treat immunocompromised people who are at high risk of getting severely ill from covid — to vaccinate their employees.

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