Trump tours a mask factory, setting an example for his followers not to wear masks or to social distance. (“Hey, if Donald Trump doesn’t wear a mask or social distance, why should I?”)


Trump had said he would be willing to don a face mask if the factory was “a mask environment,” but in the end he wore only safety goggles during a tour of the facility. Nearly all Honeywell workers and members of the press as well as some White House staff and Secret Service agents wore masks, but not senior White House staff.

See, it’s like this. Trump is not concerned that he may be spreading the virus. He is positive he is not carrying the virus, though there is no test in existence that can provide that information.

Also, the senior White House staff is not concerned about spreading the virus or about setting an example for the nation.

Only you Trump-hating peons spread disease.  Trump, Breitbart, and Fox and Friends do not.