This is the one question you should ask your Republican Senator

This is the one question you should ask your Republican senator:Image result for trump university

“Do you honestly believe that the man who owned the corrupt Trump University, which cheated thousands of innocent students out of their time and money, and the man who owned the corrupt Trump Foundation, which cheated contributors and the U.S. government – do you honestly believe that same man was concerned about corruption in Ukraine(!)?

“Is that what you honestly believe?” 


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4 thoughts on “This is the one question you should ask your Republican Senator

  1. Neoconservatism is simply imperialism, which has always been the foreign-affairs ideology of aristocrats and of billionaires. (In America’s case, that includes both Democratic and Republican billionaires.) So, it’s just imperialism in America. All billionaires who care at all about international relations are imperialists; and, in America, that’s called “neoconservative.” The American issue regarding Ukraine was never actually Ukraine’s corruption. Corruption is standard and accepted throughout the U.S.-and-allied countries; but against countries they want to take over it becomes a PR point in order to win acceptance by the gulls, of their own country’s imperialism and its own associated corruption. “Our country’s corruption is acceptable, but yours is not,” is the view. That’s the standard imperialist view. Neoconservatism — imperialism anywhere, actually — is always based on lies. Imperialism, in fact, is part of nationalism, but it is excluded by patriotism; and no nationalist is a patriot. No patriot is a nationalist. Whereas a nationalist supports his country’s billionaires, a patriot supports his country’s residents — all of them, his countrymen, on a democratic basis, everyone having equal rights, not the richest of the residents having the majority or all of the rights. A nationalist is one-dollar-one-vote; a patriot is one resident one vote. The only people who are intelligently nationalist are billionaires and the agents they employ. All other nationalists are their gulls. Everyone else is a patriot. Ordinarily, there are far more gulls than patriots.


  2. Giuliani says he was directly involved in effort to oust Ukraine Ambassador
    Associated Press

    Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, says he provided the president with information that the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine was impeding investigations that could benefit Trump politically. Within weeks, she was recalled from her post.

    Giuliani’s interview, published Tuesday, comes as Trump is facing near-certain impeachment Wednesday by the House for abuse of power over his pressure on Ukraine to announce investigations of Democrats while he was withholding aid to the Eastern European nation.

    Giuliani said he passed along information to Trump “a couple of times” about how Yovanovitch had frustrated efforts that could help Trump, including efforts to have Ukraine investigate rival Joe Biden.

    Trump, in turn, passed the information on to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Giuliani said. Within weeks, Yovanovitch was told Trump had lost trust in her and she was recalled as ambassador.

    Giuliani is under criminal investigation by federal prosecutors in Manhattan — the same office he used to run — for potentially violating lobbying laws in his effort to kneecap Yovanovitch, according to multiple media reports.

    According to a different article published Monday in The New Yorker, Giuliani said that he needed Yovanovitch “out of the way” and that she “was going to make the investigations difficult for everybody.”

    Yovanovitch, testifying in October in defiance of Trump’s direction, told House impeachment investigators that the Republican president himself had pressured the State Department to oust her from her post. She said there was a “concerted campaign” against her based on “unfounded and false claims by people with clearly questionable motives.”

    Early last year, Giuliani said, he told Trump that Yovanovitch was impeding investigations in Ukraine that could benefit Trump.

    “There’s a lot of reasons to move her,” Giuliani told the Times. He said Trump and Pompeo “relied on” his information, likely leading to Yovanovitch’s ouster last April.


  3. What a surprise: A new study from the Federal Reserve found that President Trump’s tariffs are backfiring.

    According to the Fed study, the tariffs that went into effect in 2018 have led to not only higher producer prices but also a loss of jobs across the U.S. — particularly in manufacturing. A previous analysis also found that tariffs have cost the U.S. $42 billion so far.


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