For any other President, this would be headline news.

For any other President, this would be headline news. For Trump, it barely is a blip in the news cycle.

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Thievery: Just another day in Trumpland

It was one little column on page 4 of the Chicago Tribune. For the GOP, it is all the fault of the “fake news.”

I wonder whether Fox “News” and Breitbart even will mention it.

Even after being found guilty, Trump will deny, deny, deny, then blame the “lamestream media.” And his followers will believe him. That is how far down he has taken the morals of this nation.

Trump ordered to pay $2M to charities
Evan Vucci/AP, 11/7/19
By Joshua Partlow and David A. Fahrenthold, The Washington Post

President Donald Trump has been ordered by a New York State judge to pay $2 million to a group of charities, settling a lawsuit alleging Trump misused his foundation for personal and political gain, according to a court document filed on Thursday.

The case, brought against Trump and his three eldest children by the New York State Attorney General’s office last year, alleged that the foundation had misspent funds and ignored their oversight duties under New York charity laws.

Judge Saliann Scarpulla also signed off on agreement to the shut down the Trump Foundation and began the process of dissolution last year.

In addition to that payment, another $1.8 million that remained in the foundation’s coffers will be divided up evenly and distributed to eight charities, including the Children’s Aid Society, the United Negro College Fund, and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, according to the attorney general’s office.

The lawsuit was filed in June and it alleged “persistently illegal conduct” at the foundation.

The order for Trump to pay comes follows extensive reporting in The Washington Post about alleged wrongdoing at the foundation. The reporting documented how Trump used the charity’s money to pay legal settlements for his private business, to buy art for one of his clubs, and to make a prohibited political donation.

If ever there was a measure of the man’s criminality, it’s his having to pay $3.8 million for criminal activities is greeted by the GOP, and indeed the world, with “Ho hum, what else is new?”


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