The disaster that is named “Cruelty”

I am so angry, I can’t even write about the disaster that has hit America.

I’ll leave you to read about it yourself: The lost country that once was America

Remember to vote this November.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell


6 thoughts on “The disaster that is named “Cruelty”

  1. Dear Roger,

    Have a read of this.

    I know we have a fiscal deficit in the USA at the moment and a recession seems remote. However, there is a global Central Bank withdrawal of fiscal flows as they reduce their balance sheets (stop buying bonds and shares and start selling them instead) which could overwhelm the fedgov deficit impact in the USA.

    Look at it like a global sector flow reversing. Support for paper assets being withdrawn.

    Could be worth a look and an article by you about it from your expert position and experience in this area.

    Thank you.




  2. Rodger, I think the US PTB have another agenda beyond your widening the gap idea. Look into this one; Neo con aims to destabilise all the oil producing nations has a serious purpose for them. Oil production is closing in on its end game and the US is actively seeking to corral all the oil it needs into the future. Being monetary sovereign it can spend all it likes to support the neo cons and off budget to hide it from us. Already we know a massive amount of spending is off budget, not just but including its black ops.
    I wonder if the political sham about unsustainable debt is not just a cover story for these plans, keeping us on edge. So the latest foray into regime change for Iran, a nearly 70 year pursuit, is just the latest chapter unfolding. It appears the neo cons always lose, but perhaps the sheer destruction they cause is success enough. You and I know resources are finite and the whole edifice will collapse
    The point is the US is actively shooting itself in the foot because the “empire” has its own pitiless agenda!


    1. And that secondary agenda has a name: the PETRODOLLAR. The fact that oil is denominated in dollars compared to, say, Euros, pounds, yen, or yuan, allows the USA to effectively dominate the world for the time being, and maintain the same sort of privilege our nation enjoyed under Bretton Woods. The oligarchs know this and base our entire Middle Eastern foreign policy on this fact.

      But when the petrodollar finally collapses, will it really be a disaster? Not really In the short term may trigger a financial crisis, but in the long run we will be no worse off than the countries whose currencies are not used to denominate oil. And of course, we do need to phase out fossil fuels anyway to avoid cooking the planet too much.


  3. Everyone should read this: How Trump drew back the curtain on America’s immigration cruelty

    Here are the 1st couple of lines:

    President Trump has abruptly reversed course on his administration’s vicious policy of separating migrant children from their parents.

    That decision came after a dizzying, circus-like week in which the president and his inept coterie of minions couldn’t decide whether to admit that the policy existed, or if it did, whether it was worth defending on its own terms or instead nonsensically blaming it on the Democrats.

    Congress, as always, looks paralyzed by divisions inside the GOP.


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