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It takes only two things to keep people in chains:
The ignorance of the oppressed and the treachery of their leaders.


This is a note to my friends on the right.

I lean toward the left, but we all are Americans. Fundamentally, we have similar needs and wants, and that is why I call you “friends.”

I have a sincere question: Why do you so strenuously support Donald Trump?

Yes, I understand. You dislike Hillary. Frankly, I don’t like her myself. I feel she is arrogant and phony. I just wish she would shut up and go far away.

And yes, I get it. You can’t stand Obama. I don’t like him much, either. I feel he is a weakling and not a real Democrat — much too cozy with the banksters and surely not the strong leader I had hoped for.

And I even understand that you don’t like progressives. You may feel they are a bunch of lazy “takers,” who don’t even have the decency to work for their bread. I disagree, but I understand your feelings and sometimes even empathize.

In our basics, we aren’t so far apart, which is why I wonder why you support Trump.Image result for American courage

You know he is a coward and a blowhard. He bans transgenders from the military. They are brave people who want to defend our nation, while Trump dodged the draft by faking a heel spur. He bans them?

It’s not “fake news.” It’s the real Trump.

He told you he had plans to “make America great, again,” but he actually had no plans at all. He just had words of bravado.

He is a compulsive cheat, a liar who cheated poor students at his Trump “University,” cheated on his wives, cheated his creditors, cheated his employees out of their wages, cheated you by promising you he would “drain the swamp,” then hired his friends, the billionaire banker swamp creatures who caused the Great Recession.

These are the facts Trump calls “fake news.”

If the image of a brave, honest John Wayne-type character is the quintessential idea of an American hero, Trump is the anti-Wayne. Trump is a mean, immoral bully, who delights in making life difficult for powerless people like gays, Mexicans, and Muslim immigrants, even the little children of immigrants.

Trump is not a conservative. He is not even a Republican. He is the ultimate RINO. True conservatives have no respect for Trump. They would be embarrassed to defend him

He is a finger pointer, who takes credit for things he hasn’t done, and blames others for his own mistakes. He cares only for himself, not for you, not for America.

There is no kindness or compassion in his soul. He is a hate monger, a divider, a sociopath. He is not a President who makes us proud. Instead, he sows fear.

In the past, we bravely saved the people of the world from dictators. Now we fearfully crouch behind walls, and wish to build ever-bigger walls. But no wall will be big enough to ease our nightmares. With Trump as our leader, there always will need to be a bigger wall.

We no longer are admired in foreign lands. We have been turned into the world’s pariahs.

Trump is a dictator wannabe, and by defending him, we encourage not just him but future dictators. Bad people, who see his electoral success and the backing of Americans, will emulate him, hoping to become our leaders, and one day we will learn we have encouraged a mean dictatorship.

Trump is a little man, who while hiding beneath his covers in the dark of night, sends little tweets with misspelled attacks at anyone, right, left, or center, who has the temerity to be truthful about his many faults.

I understand why you may feel the country has been on the wrong course. I truly do. I agree in many ways. And perhaps you have felt that any change is better than no change at all. Desperate people take desperate measures.

But I urge you to take a step back and look at our America with clear eyes. Much needs to be changed, but we will not benefit; we will not improve; we will not become “great again” by supporting a clearly inferior, dishonest, incompetent, egocentric fraud.

Think now of the people whom you feel have made America great. Think of their characteristics and what made Americans admired around the world. Think of the kind of leader who would make you proud to travel to foreign lands and announce, “I am an American.”

Then demand that from our leaders. There are better Americans, better conservatives, better Republicans, even better Democrats.

We Americans should not be represented by an embarrassment. We shouldn’t follow the worst, most inept, mean-spirited windbag among us.

We are not a 3rd-rate, banana dictatorship. We are America.

You don’t need to settle for less.

You deserve better. Demand better.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell