Another resignation from the Trump cult

THE WEEK Magazine published yet another resignation from Trump’s incompetence, bigotry, and nuttiness.  I presume it’s real.

In any event, it speaks the truth.  Soon, the only ones remaining will be those who are:

  1. The bigots, or
  2. Those willing to submerge their morals or intelligence for the sake of a job, or
  3. Those taken in by Trump’s cult of personality, and who also sent money to a Nigerian prince.

By the way, the letter of resignation has a secret message. Here is the letter. Can you find the message?


Look at the first letter of each paragraph.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

2 thoughts on “Another resignation from the Trump cult

  1. President Donald Trump on Tuesday threatened to shut down the government over border wall funding, said the North American Free Trade Agreement is likely to be terminated and signaled that he was prepared to pardon former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is anathema to the Latino community.

    Trump’s freewheeling comments came during a boisterous campaign rally during which he also went on an extended diatribe about the media, blaming reporters for the negative fallout he has received over his responses to the hate-fueled violence in Charlottesville.

    Then he preached unity.

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