Possibly the single most shocking political story in your lifetime

There are political stories and the are political Stories, and then there is possibly the single, biggest political story in America’s history. Possibly.

Does that sound too hysterical, too improbable, too “National Enquirer”?  Well, perhaps. You be the judge.

The story, at the beginning, is tame enough: It describes how Donald Trump and his son, Donald, Jr., seem to be colluding to stick the taxpayers of South Carolina with a bill for the cleanup of some chemically polluted property Donald bought from Donald, Jr.

According to South Carolina law, the purchaser of a polluted property is not liable for the cleanup if he has no connection with the previous owner.  And in typical Trumpian style, the next President of the Unites States reportedly is swearing to the court that he has no connection with the previous owner — his son.

We have become so accustomed to learning that the former owner of Trump University has screwed, or is trying to screw, some innocents, that the above barely makes a blip on the “Unethical Trump-o-Meter.”

And let’s face it. Trump supporters really don’t care about ethics, especially when the Republican party itself was caught trying to do away with the Office of Congressional Ethics.

If you would like to learn more details about this latest Trump scam, you can see a 10-minute video of the story, here.

For any other U.S. politician, the above might be impeachment-worthy. For Trump, it’s “same-old, same-old.”

But this is but the tip of the tip. The video is just a lead-in for something much worse.

The story evolves from ethics to traitorous conspiracy.  We see respected Congressman John Lewis citing Russia’s interference as a delegitimizing factor for the Trump presidency. Congressman Lewis says he believes “there was a conspiracy between the Russians and others to help (Trump) get elected.”

IF (big “IF”) there was such a conspiracy, that would be the news of the century.

–Was there such a conspiracy?
–Was the FBI aware of these claims even while it was broadcasting misleading claims about Hillary Clinton?
–Is there now a massive coverup?

The answer is, “We don’t know,” to the first question, and “Yes,” to the next two questions.

That’s right. As early as last summer, the FBI secretly had received that infamous dossier claiming Russia had all sorts of dirt on Trump and was colluding with Trump’s people to keep that dirt secret, in an effort to help Trump get elected.

The inference is that Putin could get Trump elected and then could blackmail Trump, and if true (again, we don’t know) — if true, the President of Russia could control the President of the United States.

Amazingly, though as early as last summer the FBI not only was aware of, but was investigating the story, to this day, they have not released any information about their investigation, nor have they said the collusion stories are false.

The head of the FBI, James Comer, has been completely silent about Trump, unlike his dramatic revelations of what came to nothing about Clinton, just before the election.

Trump himself hinted at the collusion when he openly invited Putin to hack Clinton’s Emails.  At the time, we all thought Trump was just mouthing off, as usual.  But in the context of current revelations, it seems prescient.

Even the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper said, that if Comer has any information about whether the claims are true or false, he could say so. But neither Clapper nor Comer has denied the claims in that dossier. 

Now that is a big deal.  Think about it.  The FBI has been investigating the claims for six months, and even today, cannot or will not tell the American people whether the claims are true or false.

What do you make of that? Are the findings too hot to handle?  Why are they being kept secret? Will the American people ever know the truth?

In that vein, there was a closed-door, secret briefing for all members of the U.S. House of Representatives. You can see the angry result of that meeting, here.

Finally, the Senate intelligence Committee, which first said it would not investigate the claims, having been pushed into a corner, now says it will look into the situation.

If it involved any other politician, I would laugh at such a story. But, given Trump’s lack of character, ethics, and honesty, the story rings plausible.

Click the above three links, then watch your news over the next few days.  This thing may not end soon. This could be worse than birth certificates, emails, and crotch grabbing.

If (again, great big huge “IF”) there is any truth to the claims, it would be the biggest story of your lifetime. 

Right now, there probably are people in our government — people in the FBI and others — who know the truth. But they are silent.  And we only can wonder why the reticence and secrecy.  We are left to speculate about rumors.

And please don’t tell me you are certain it’s true or it’s false.  You don’t know. Nor do I.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

4 thoughts on “Possibly the single most shocking political story in your lifetime

  1. True or not, indeed. but a problem because it’s causing a lot of headlines.
    here’s a site anyone with an interest in seeing the non MSM, non hysterical side of the issues should read and which I find much more plausible than MS M and other mainstream sources clearly showing an anti Russian agenda, more that even than anti Trump;



    1. It’s an interesting site, and well-worth reading, though “non-hysterical” may not be the best description.

      One article lead is, “The frenzy over an alleged Russian role is driving the U.S. deeper into a costly and dangerous New Cold War.”

      Another headline: “The Dodgy Trump Dossier Reminds Me of the Row Over Saddam’s WMDs.”

      Another: “We are being treated to a master class in coordinated media manipulation that is making Goebbels look like an amateur.”

      Another: (Obama’s) record is soaked in blood.

      So this “non-hysterical” site tells us we are in a “freenzy” driving us to a “new and dangerous Cold War,” that is like the row over Saddam’s WMDs and making Goebbels look like an amateur, while Obama’s record is soaked in blood..

      Not exactly calm and sedate.


  2. Watch another crooked Trump appointment:

    Tillerson Dodges Discussing Who Knew What When about ExxonMobil’s Efforts to Deceive the Public on Climate Change

    The beat goes on. Does anyone care?


    To Trump, the Presidency is a “Get Much Richer, Quick” scheme:

    Donald Trump Expanding Scottish Golf Resort After Vowing Not To Make New Foreign Deals
    “No new foreign deals … whatsoever” apparently doesn’t include this one.

    Does anyone care? Will there be an impeachment?


    As we have been saying again, and again, and again: Bill Black: Obama Loved Austerity and the New Democrats Remain Addicted to It


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