The buck stops there —>

The hopeful leader of the free world, the man who through his brilliance and courage, will force Mexico, China and NATO to bend to his will, takes full responsibility.

“Melania is a college graduate. ” (Actually, she isn’t)

“She wrote the speech.”

“She didn’t write the speech.”

“There was no plagiarism.”

“It was only a little plagiarism.”

“They’re just common words.”

“It’s all Hillary’s fault.”

“It was all the writer’s fault.”

The buck stops there. Way, way over there.


One thought on “The buck stops there —>




    Always trust yourself, think for yourself, act for yourself, speak for yourself. Be yourself!

    Apparently, Melania enjoys plagiarizing black women, but she forgot to read the last line.


    In his usual denial of responsibility, Donald Trump refused blame for the Trump University scam

    Trump’s attorney, Daniel Petrocelli, urged U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel to reconsider a request by Donald Trump’s lawyers to dismiss a lawsuit that accuses the Republican presidential nominee of defrauding customers at the now-defunct Trump University.

    He told the judge the plaintiffs have failed to show that Trump himself orchestrated allegedly misleading marketing claims.

    “He did not run Trump University. He was not the chief operating officer. He did not direct the day-to-day affairs,” Petrocelli said. “The idea that he is somehow at the center of it is not supported by the evidence in the case.”

    To paraphrase, “Yes, it was a scam, but it wasn’t my scam, despite the fact that I lied to prospective students I personally would hire the best teachers.”

    Lawyers for the plaintiff dismiss Trump’s claims of limited involvement, saying, “He only starred in the marketing materials. Signed them. Corrected them. And approved them.”

    He also created Trump University, knowing he had no intention of hiring the best teachers, and instead planned to milk the students for all he could get.

    When Curiel permitted the release of unrelated documents in the case in May, Trump intensified his attacks on the judge, mentioning his Mexican heritage.

    The Trumpist “deny and attack” method is to deny all responsibility and attack the judge.

    As President, would he continue to deny responsibility?



    More denial:

    Trump says his invitation for Russia to find Clinton’s emails was ‘sarcastic’

    Hey, the next President of the United States was just kidding. Can’t you people take a joke?


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