Jesus: “all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.”

Simple laws to which no reasonable person could object:

*1. Make the sale, possession or purchase of any automatic or semi-automatic weapon a felony (except by or to the federal government).

Federal government would offer to buy all personally owned automatic and semi-automatic weapons through a specific date, so people would not be stuck with their illegal weapons.

Criminals undoubtedly would keep their automatic and semi-automatic weapons, thereby subjecting themselves to additional jail time for buying, selling and possessing.

[I was asked how I would implement this. Here was my answer:

I would begin with the gun manufacturers. It would be a felony for any gun manufacturer to sell auto- and semi-auto- guns in the U.S.

Then I would go after the importers and the retailers.

Then I would go after the people who run gun shows.

I’d go after individuals only as part of another crime investigation. I would not demand that people turn in their AK47s, but if they wished, they could sell them to the federal government. If the police are in your house on a legal search warrant for something else, and they spot an illegal gun, they confiscate it and charge you.

It would be a war of attrition.
1. Gun manufacturers, maybe a couple dozen CEOs, who could avoid being “outlaws” simply by selling their illegal guns only to the federal government..

2. Importers and retailers who could stop buying illegal guns and sell those they have, only to the federal government,

3. Gun shows. Those running the shows could simply ban the selling illegal guns, and keep the ones you have at home.

4. Individuals, who are not law-abiding citizens, and are subject to a house search for another crime.

That’s it. You all could keep your AK47s. You even could use your AK47s — maybe to hunt sparrows or your wife or the driver who cuts you off ? (What do you do with those things, anyway?)

Just don’t sell it to anyone but the federal government, and don’t try to buy a new one — and don’t commit a crime that requires the police to go into your house.]

2. Minimum age to own or carry a legal gun: 21, except in the company of an adult.

3. GUI (Guns Under the Influence) laws similar to DUI laws. Carrying a gun while drunk, drugged and/or mentally impaired would be a felony.

Of course, people who love guns and deny that guns kill people, will find a million reasons to deny any need for gun control, but people who sincerely are concerned about the amount of killing done with guns will try to work with or augment these suggestions.

These laws will not end all gun murders. They will reduce gun murders, which is a reasonable goal.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

*P.S. Gun aficionados know there are many loading/firing descriptions (single action, double action, manual, automatic, etc.) The goal is to slow down the firing speed by requiring at least two separate actions between each shot.

P.P.S. Here is an excellent description of the Australian situation, sent in by Yuu Kim. Thank you. It will sway zero gun-heads, who will find a million reasons to doubt it, but perhaps it will influence those who are neutral:
Dear Mr. President and Congress:

If not now, when?

If not by you, by whom?