The state of Illinois is the most dishonest state in America. I challenge you to find a more crooked bunch of politicians anywhere in the nation, if not the world. From Chicago’s Mayor Daley (mayor for life, who sold the parking meters and the Skyway, but where’s the money?), to the aldermen (who require bribes for any service), to Cook County president Todd Stroger (who was put in office by his father after his father died), to Governor Pat Quinn (the #3 guy in Illinois), to Michael Madigan (who really runs Illinois — into the ground), to John Cullerton (the Senate President and #2 guy) to State’s Attorney Lisa Madigan (who never will investigate her dad Mike’s backroom deals), to all the compliant Illinois House and Senate politicians (who have given Illinois the worst credit rating of any state), I dare you to find a more nefarious bunch of scoundrels.

Is it any wonder so many of our governors and aldermen wind up in jail. Sadly though, most of them don’t go to jail, so we are left with these criminals, running our lives with our tax money.

Yes, there are a few honest pols out there, just as there are a few unarmed gang bangers, but there is no way for even a studious voter to identify them. So, we are left with one choice. Throw them all out and start over. That is, unelect incumbents.

Thus, readers can try to meet the challenge of proving their political leaders are as dishonest or more so, than those I’ve named. I dare you. Or you can use the space to add to the legends of Illinois incumbents.

And next fall, remember to throw the rascals out. Do it even when the other guy seems as bad, because history proves, the more time in office, the more crooked they become (Hello, Mayor Daley).

Remember, there is only one solution. Unelect incumbents.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell