–How not to improve America

An alternative to popular faith

Much of the proposed cost to improve health care will be paid for by cuts in Medicare payments to doctors and hospitals. Clearly, that should improve health care.

Next, we can improve education by having our federal and local governments cut teachers’ salaries and support of schools.

Then, we can improve public safety by cutting police salaries.

And, we can strengthen our army by cutting military pay and investment in weapons research and production.

We can improve America’s brain power by deporting all those aliens, and not letting anyone new in.

And, we can increase medical drug research by restricting profits of those rich, greedy, pharmaceutical companies.

And, we can improve our infrastructure by spending less to repair roads and bridges, along with the electrical and communications grids.

And we can achieve energy independence if the government limits those rich, greedy, oil companies’ profits, while spending less on solar, wind, geothermal and atomic power.

Finally, we can increase economic and jobs growth by raising taxes, particularly on businesses and on the rich (people making more than $200,000 per year).

Taking all of the above steps will complete the anti-deficit, anti-government, xenophobic, Tea Party, class warfare, populist initiatives that seem so much in the news.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell