The Lemming Awards

Awarded to those who blindly follow crooked, incompetent, stupid leaders over a cliff.



Trumpers: Blindly follow a man who
Has told more than 30,000 lies
Denies global warming
Attempted to overthrow the U.S. government
Surrounded himself with criminals
Is a demonstrable psychopath
Caused the COVID deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans
Pushed hydroxychloroquine as a preventative/cure for COVID
Repeatedly lies that he won the presidential election of 2020
Repeatedly lies that the Arizona forensic audit showed he won
Cheated on three wives
Paid for lies about his cheating
Assaulted women
Cheated hundreds of employees
Cheated lenders
Dishonored gold star parents
Dishonored soldiers who died for their country
Dodged the draft with fake “bone spurs”
Supports white supremacists
Supports bigotry against Mexicans
Supports bigotry against Muslims
Supports bigotry against gays
Is ignorant about science

Yes, Trump University Was A Massive Scam

Attempted to take healthcare insurance from the poor
Created a fake university to steal from students
Created an illegal charitable foundation
Created the “birther” conspiracy
Tried to force Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden
Urged Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s Emails
Promotes the craziness of Qanon and other conspiracy theories
Took nepotism to new levels

Republicans: Blindly follow:
Congresspeople who voted to overturn the US election, the day after the insurrection
Sen. Mitch McConnell’s lies
Laura Ingraham’s lies
Sean Hannity’s lies
Tucker Carlson’s lies
Fox News’s lies
Gov, Ron DeSantis’s lies
Gov. Greg Abbot’s lies
“Stop the Steal” lie
Joe Arpaio
Rep. Michael Grimm
State Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt
Rep. Steve King
Rep Louie Gohmert
Rep. Andy Biggs
John Eastman
Rep. Paul Gosar


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