–Xenophobes’ laws

(AP) WASHINGTON (AP) – The head of Customs and Border Protection says he didn’t know he’s required by law to complete a form saying he verified that his household employees were eligible to work in the U.S. Commissioner Alan Bersin says he collected from 10 household employees hired since 1993 Social Security cards, drivers licenses and other documents to make sure they could work in the U.S. But he did not fill out and keep a particular form, known as an I-9, which is signed by employer and employee and details documents accepted to verify the employee’s legal status. Members of the Senate Finance Committee say they are surprised by that, because Bersin was a U.S. attorney. Obama named Bersin commissioner through 2011 during a congressional recess. He must be confirmed by the Senate to serve longer.”

The xenophobes among us have become so crazed, they have passed law after law, trying to rid us of the scourge of strange faces — so many laws in fact, that even the lawyers and the law givers can’t keep track. Next step: Deport anyone who may possibly seem to be an alien, seem to know an alien, hope to employ an alien or even accidentally come near an alien. Also fine and jail anyone who does not fill out, notarize and submit the 37 necessary forms for each of the above to every appropriate federal, state, county and city agency — all while keeping government small.

Kristallnacht, here we come.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

3 thoughts on “–Xenophobes’ laws

  1. These particular opinions and predictions of yours sound pretty deluded.

    Every sovereign nation in the world controls who may and who may not pass on their territory. It’s perfectly normal. There are many very good reasons for that, the number one being the scarcity of natural and societal resources.


  2. The English have an expression, “I’m all right, Jack.” It means, I’ve got mine, so screw you.

    We all are children of immigrants. Lucky for you, the U.S. government didn’t have your attitude, when your parents came across.

    Rodger Malcolm Mitchell


    1. >We all are children of immigrants.

      Seems pretty irrelevant.

      >Lucky for you, the U.S. government didn’t have your attitude, when your parents came across.

      I don’t live in the US, but even if I did, I would consider that point pretty irrelevant too.


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