My 2+ hour phone chat with A.T. & T.

It depends on management. Some companies have been able to deal with the service problems associated with COVID-19. Other companies have overpaid management that is completely flummoxed by anything that requires new thinking. Smaller businesses have been especially creative, probably because the owners’ livelihoods depend on their problem solving. For a large company like A.T.&T., … Continue reading My 2+ hour phone chat with A.T. & T.

Trump’s Top 25: Lies, Incompetence and Bigotry

Mitt Romney’s campaign was felled by his “47%” remark. Newt Gingrich, resigned from the House after an affair with his intern while married to his second wife. Sarah Palin’s interviews with Katie Couric revealed the utter incompetence that helped her lead the Republican party to an election disaster. Yet not one of these politicians, nor … Continue reading Trump’s Top 25: Lies, Incompetence and Bigotry

The “Nigerian” gun scam

Generally, a scam requires the active participation of the victim. The victim is told something that so appeals to his/her desires, the victim ignores all common sense. Once hooked, the victim defends his decision vigorously, often angrily. A classic example is the Nigerian scam, in which the victim receives an Email informing him he has … Continue reading The “Nigerian” gun scam

How Mitt Romney could win the Presidency

Mitt Romney (or some other Republican) will be the next President, if he (or that other Republican) runs as a 3rd party candidate. Here is how that would work: What happens if no presidential candidate gets 270 Electoral votes? If no candidate receives a majority of Electoral votes, the House of Representatives elects the President … Continue reading How Mitt Romney could win the Presidency