How America is winning a national Darwin Award

A person, a group, a political party, a nation — they all can survive a little stupid, a little crazy, a little incompetence and a little crooked, but when the amount of stupid, crazy, incompetence, and crooked passes a tipping point, then that person, group, political party, and even an entire nation will win a gigantic Darwin Award.

Based on the recent supply of stupid, crazy, incompetent and crooked, I suggest America is now at the tipping point. Here is the evidence:

  1. Anti-vaccination
  2. Anti-mask
  3. Hydroxychloroquine, bleach, light
  4. De-vaccination
  5. Climate change denial
  6. Donald Trump
  7. Donald Trump, Jr.
  8. Sarah Palin
  9. Michelle Bachman
  10. Steve King
  11. Glenn Beck
  12. Tucker Carlson
  13. Marjorie Taylor Green
  14. Jim Jordan
  15. Sean Hannity
  16. Laura Ingraham
  17. Ali Alexander
  18. Ron DeSantis
  19. Greg Abbott
  20. Josh Hawley
  21. Louie Gohmert
  22. Ted Cruz
  23. Tom Cotton
  24. Stephen Bannon
  25. Stephen Miller
  26. Mark Meadows
  27. Jeffrey Clark
  28. Sonny Perdue
  29. Wilbur Ross
  30. Ben Carson
  31. William Barr
  32. Mike Pompeo
  33. Steven Mnuchin
  34. Scott Pruitt
  35. Kevin McCarthy
  36. Mitch McConnell
  37. Ryan Maue
  38. Anti-gun control
  39. Fox News
  40. Breitbart
  41. Newsmax
  42. OANN
  43. QAnon
  44. Alex Jones
  45. Coup rioters
  46. Confederate sympathizers
  47. Anti-immigrant
  48. Anti-poor
  49. Pro-rich
  50. Anti-black
  51. Anti-brown
  52. Anti-Muslim
  53. Anti-gay
  54. White supremacists
  55. Mike Lindell
  56. Roger Stone
  57. Paul Manafort
  58. Rick Gates
  59. George Nader
  60. Steve Cortes
  61. Michael Cohen
  62. George Papadopoulos
  63. Elliott Broidy
  64. Allen Weisselberg
  65. Michael Flynn
  66. Kyle Rittenhouse
  67. Rudy Giuliani
  68. Sidney Powell
  69. Pizzagate, Deep State, and numerous other conspiracy theories
  70. Gun nuts
  71. And many others

15 thoughts on “How America is winning a national Darwin Award

  1. Maybe these people are bitter about the world or they knowingly take a position to enhance their popularity/ employment within the ranks. Some are reported to have privately made statements counter to what they state publicly, most notably former 2 Star General Mike Flynn. I’d really like to know what they all really think of Trump. Telling it like it is can cost you.


    1. The fundamental difference between left-wingers and right-wingers is this:

      Visualize an old lady slowly trying to cross a busy street. A left-winger will offer an arm to help her get across. A right-winger will kick her butt to make her go faster . . . then blame her . . . then lie about it.


        1. Won’t be out of prison in time for the 2024 Primaries. Club Fed says he isn’t even yet in their custody for the 41 month sentence :

          Register Number: 24866-509
          Age: 34
          Race: White
          Sex: Male
          Release Date: UNKNOWN
          Location: Not in BOP custody

          Had you seen that the other General Flynn recently got a promotion?


    1. And you remind me of a #DumbTrumper

      Congratulations. You found someone who had two vaccinations and died of COVID. What a revelation!

      Oh yes, the vax is only 95% effective, which leaves 5%. Do you understand the difference between 95% and 5%?

      Which group would you rather join, the 95% or the 5%? I know this is complicated for you, so take your time answering.

      Oh, by the way, I’ve had 3 vaccinations. But that still doesn’t come to 100%, so keep Googling until you can find someone who has had 3 vaxxes and dies. That will prove that even 3 vaxxes are not 100%.

      Ah, the GOP. They are dying like flies. They even booed Trump when he admitted he received a booster. Wow, those people are way beyond stupid. Good news: They are improving the human gene pool.


      1. Oh, I know the science and I know that you don’t because…I know the science.

        FDA data:

        38 deaths total in the Pfizer covid vaccine trial

        17 deaths in placebo arm

        21 deaths in vaccine arm

        Can you guess which arm is more dangerous? (I’ll even let you use your calculator.)

        Speaking of improving the gene pool. Get the clotshot, by all means. And all of the neverending “boosters.”

        Meanwhile, with natural immunity and vitamin D supplementation, I’ll carry on splendidly with not a worry about covid.


        1. Your source of the bullshit? FoxNews? QAnon? Tucker Carlson? The crazy guy next door? Even Donald Trump is not stupid enough to believe that crap, and if you are more stupid than Donald Trump, that says much.

          Anyway, you cannot imagine how happy I am that you will not vaccinate. Humanity will be better for it. Enjoy your COVID as long as you can.


          1. Thanks for the public report, available to everyone who wants it, including all news media. Fox News not only is sneaky, but they have employed the worst group of lying, traitorous bastards in the history of TV news broadcasting. The honest ones have left.

            That said, I suggest you read pp. 19 and 20.

            But please, and please do not get vaxxed. Win the Darwin Award. I’m in your corner. If you tell me your city, I’ll scan the obits.


      2. You obviously still haven’t figured out that your analysis relies on cherry-picked data that has become obsolete with the release of FDA documentation which includes Pfizer data that previously was hidden by the FDA.


        1. Thank goodness you Tucker Carlson and Marjorie Taylor Green are important enough to be privy to information the vast majority of us aren’t allowed to see.

          And what did the secret data shoyou ? That vaccines don’t work? I accept your secret analysis and pray you don’t get a vaccination. I’m rooting for you to win a Darwin Award.


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