Republicans, you did this!

You created and supported a Frankenstein monster, and predictably, you have lost control.

This is exactly what Hitler did, and now it is happening here — and you did it, Republicans!

No excuses. No denials. You fostered a mobster who has brought us mob violence. You have fostered an attempted coup. Trump’s storm troopers have taken over Congress.

YOU Republicans, did it.

You have sowed the wind, and now America reaps your whirlwind

Tell us more about how Republicans favor “Law and Order.”

When will you completely renounce Donald Trump and his attempt to destroy America?



I am watching FOX News now, and they are blaming this on — poor security!! WTF is wrong with you people?

Trump is hiding in the White House. His one exercise of leadership is . . .1 tweet, and that 1 tweet is to be good to the police.