The debt hawks are to economics as the creationists are to biology.

Since this is the season for campaign promises, here are mine. When you elect me, I promise to: (O.K., I’m not running for office, but this is what I would do.)

Reform Congress

I will work to end the Senate filibuster rule. I find the notion of one person being able to thwart the will of Congress and the American people, and to prevent the appointment of federal judges and other federal personnel, to be repugnant. It’s a bad rule.

Improve Social Security and Medicare

1. I will end FICA. This is the worst tax in America for reasons explained at FICA . Briefly, it’s a regressive tax that discourages hiring and discourages spending, and has no function. The federal government does not use FICA taxes.

2. I will reduce the retirement age back to 65 (early retirement at 62).

3. I will stop taxing Social Security benefits. Only a government mentality could pay people benefits, then tax the benefits. It makes as much sense to tax SS benefits as it would to tax Medicare benefits, i.e. no sense at all.

4. I will pay everyone, man or woman, married or single, who begins to claim benefits at age 65, the same Social Security benefit, regardless of prior earnings. Under the current system, the people who need benefits most are paid the least.

5. I will increase Medicare payments to doctors and hospitals to equal the current levels paid by private insurance companies. The current Medicare payment levels discourage doctors from accepting Medicare, and discourage young people from entering the medical profession.

6. I will include long-term care as part of Medicare. Current long-term care policies as too expensive for lower income people.

7. I will eliminate all “donut holes” and other similar limitations from Medicare Part D (drug coverage). I will cover all drugs, generic or branded, from day 1.

Rescue the States, Counties and Cities

The primary reason the states, counties and cities are in such bad shape: They are not Monetarily Sovereign. Mathematically, inflation and population growth make long-term survival on taxes alone, impossible for any monetarily non-sovereign government. Such governments must have money coming in from outside, via exports and/or federal assistance. I will pay each state $10,000 per person in the first year, then $5,000 inflation-adjusted each year thereafter.

Cut Income Taxes

I will cut income taxes from the bottom up. Each year, I will increase the standard deduction by $10,000. At the end of the first decade, the standard deduction would be $100,000, and the vast majority of taxpayers will file their taxes on a postcard. (This will impact charities, all of which except faith-based, should be supported by the government, anyway.)

I will eliminate business taxes. The economy is business. Taxing business = taxing the economy, exactly the opposite of what a growing economy needs.

Support Education

I will pay all students a salary for the job of attending school. (See: Salary 1 and Salary 2 and Salary 3 ).

Spend Liberally on Research and Infrastructure

I will offer federal support to a myriad of science research and development projects – medical, physical, military, energy – together with rebuilding our aging roads, bridges and dams. Under my watch, we will go back to the moon and on to Mars.

Raise Interest Rates

If any debt hawks have read this far, they undoubtedly are foaming at the mouth about the federal debt being “unsustainable” (nonsensical for a monetarily sovereign nation) and inflation. There is no post-gold standard relationship between federal deficits and inflation, (See: Inflation) And federal deficit spending reduces unemployment (See: Unemployment ) there is a distant point, when federal spending could be sufficient to cause inflation. So, I will take peremptory action to increase the value of money, by increasing interest rates.

This will strengthen the dollar, providing us with more imports of better goods and services at lower prices. (See: Stronger dollar )

Higher rates also will be stimulative, as it will force the federal government to pay more interest on its debts, thereby adding money to the economy. See: Interest

On a related subject, I will increase FDIC to $1 million, to protect more Americans’ savings.

So that’s a good start for my first year in office. What do you think? Do I have your vote?

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

No nation can tax itself into prosperity