An alternative to popular faith

Perhaps it began with President Reagan, who said, “[…] government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.” Or maybe it began long before that, when brave, heroic, self-sufficient individuals populated this land, doing everything for themselves, and asking help from no one.

I don’t know when it started, but somewhere along the line, it has become quite knowledgeable and oh so chic to express hatred for big government and big business.

These days, to demonstrate how clever we are, we parrot the popular faith that socialism, deficits and tax increases are bad. Yes, we like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, but we hate big government, taxes and deficits.

We like having a strong army, a national highway system, being first to go to the moon, flu vaccine, smallpox eradication and ecologically friendly cars, but we don’t want that big, bad government telling us what to do.

We want federal help when we are hit by floods, tornados, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and blizzards, but please no big government, taxes or deficits.

We want someone to inspect our food, take a census, protect our savings, build our dams, supervise our courts and maintain our prisons. But, not big government.

Yes, we love Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Grand Canyon and the other 389 national parks. And sure, we also appreciate the many national monuments, seashores, recreation areas, historic sites, military parks and battlefields maintained by the government, but remember this: We hate big government.

Sure, protect our borders, our airports, trains, bus stations, subways, and cities from terrorists, but please do it without big government, tax increases or deficits.

Most recently, we’ve criticized all suggestions for improving health care, because they involve big government, or big insurance companies, or federal spending or tax increases, all of which we hate. And of course, doctors are overpaid; hospitals charge too much; pharmaceutical companies gouge us, and the poor don’t deserve our help, so we hate them all, too.

We join groups like the Tea Party, so we can be with other people who prove their understanding of the world, by hating socialism, big government and big business. You see, the federal government is wasteful, inefficient and stupid. And because small business can’t compete with large foreign businesses, they need to grow, but when they become large, they get greedy. And unsuccessful large companies go out of business, firing millions of people, so yes, we hate them. And we especially hate them when the government bails them out, so they don’t have to go out of business and fire millions of people.

We just wish someone would take care of things for us. But no more taxes, no more deficits, and by all means, no big government or big business.

Is magic available?

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell